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Les lectures marquantes de 2020 par l’équipe de conseillers Pyxis

Découvrez les coups de cœur littéraires de nos conseillers Agiles pour demeurer inspiré dans un univers des plus volatiles et rempli d’incertitudes en tout genre. Nous terminons une année certainement des plus rocambolesques, remplie d’incertitudes, de grandes émotions et de peurs avec en toile de fond non seulement la pandémie …

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Part 4 – The Human Aspects and the Interpersonal Challenges of Transformation

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to go in the opposite direction.” – Albert Einstein If you have been involved in projects that affect humans, you will not be surprised to know that the human …

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Management, Psychological Safety and Sustainable Change

Any transformation, whether organizational or individual, requires a transition, a mandatory passage, sometimes accompanied by suffering and psychological distress. But do we have to go through some form of distress or suffering before we dare to create real change? What role does suffering play in this process and is it …

AgileAgile transformationChange managementCoachingDéveloppement personnelLeadership (EN)Management and leadershipOrganizational TransformationOrganizational transition

Part 2 – The importance of a diagnosis to understand your organizational context.

“The only really important thing leaders do is to create and manage the culture of their organization. If you don’t manage your culture, it will manage you and you may not even be aware of how much of it is happening.” – Edgar Henry Schein This article is the second …