You have begun an Agile transition or transformation and would like to know where you’re at. You want to start a new Agile project, but would like to know your Agility level beforehand in order to measure the risks involved. You would like to know the Agility maturity level of your maintenance team and see what should be improved or optimized. You’re just looking to improve your mastery of Agility, but do not know where to start. If you recognize yourself in any of these situations or in something similar, the MID radar is exactly what you are looking for!

The MID (Maximum Instantaneous Discharge of value) radar is a tool that allows any organization (teams and managers) to know its Agile progression while making visible the main aspects to work on that will contribute the most to this progression. It allows you to precisely determine your level of Agility and, through continuous improvement, focus on what provides great value to your organization.

Enabling to measure progress at a specific point in time, the MID radar allows teams to perform, at any time deemed appropriate, a self-assessment of their Agile maturity to always seek to achieve the best possible results.

When used by several teams in the same organization, the MID also provides an organizational portrait, allowing teams to identify by themselves the potential improvements while limiting their blind spots.

Based on twelve axes in four quadrants, the MID radar is a true 360° assessment of the team!

1st quadrant: know-how

Allows to assess the consistency in the teams’ execution.

2nd quadrant: client satisfaction

Ensures swift results are aligned with the client’s needs in an embedded quality.

3rd quadrant: people-oriented skills

Allows to evaluate the team’s dynamism and energy.

4th quadrant: support of management

Brings out the management team leadership and their connection with the team.

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Jean-Sébastien Sladecek

During his career, Jean-Sébastien has played many roles, including that of developer, software architecture consultant, and project manager. His experience acquired over the years allows him to always be in control throughout the process of implementing IT systems. Working since 1997 in systems development and consulting services, he has been using Agile approaches since 2006 and is a certified Professional Scrum Master (PSM I).

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