To be a successful Scrum Master, you must develop your own approach, your own way of doing things.

Here are the Scrum Masters’ responsibilities:

  • Make sure that the team is completely functional and productive within the Scrum process
  • Foster collaboration between all roles
  • Protect the team from external interference
  • Guide the PO and the team regarding their respective roles
  • Remove the blockers and anything that can slow the team down
  • Ensure the observance and improvement of the practices
  • Ensure good team dynamics and efficient work organization, so that the team can reach a maximum velocity.

Download our Scrum Master evaluation form.

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gabriel bélanger

Gabriel holds a bachelor degree in anthropology and a certificate in journalism. He is interested in the human phenomenon in general as well as in communications. His rigour and strong writing skills contribute every day to making him a partner of choice for content creation. Having worked in various contexts, both within a large agency and on the client’s side, he has had the chance to familiarize with many facets of communication campaigns' development and dissemination. He joined the Pyxis team in 2015.

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