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With Agility, do self-organizing teams need a manager?

Many of my clients who are managers worry about their role or even their job when we talk about self-organization: “If team members are beginning to self-organize, then what is my role? What will I do if I no longer manage the team? Do I still have my place in …

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Processes that are 2-3 times swifter with Agile Lean

Agile approaches have not only revolutionized the product development practices and the IT industry, they have also put on the forefront a great number of existing practices by simplifying their application and integrating them in a clear and systematic framework. Unfortunately, the recent wave of experts interested in Agile Lean …

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White Paper—Breaking down silos to improve the organization

This white paper is intended to help organizations deal with recurring project management problems: late deliveries, exceeded budgets, difficulty to plan the staff needed to work on projects, difficulty in securing them, lack of visibility. Download the white paper.

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The pool water is cold? What are you waiting for? Dive in!

As Scrum Masters, we sometimes encounter difficulties getting over our discomforts and paradigms. We may be afraid to act or to cause a tidal wave that may swipe someone’s morale and enthusiasm… Maybe sometimes we’re simply afraid of becoming afraid.  

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Save your neighbor! (cont’d)

This post is the continuation of “Save your neighbor” in which I promised to provide hints and examples to inspire you in finding your way of managing skills and working in silos. So where do we start? How can we save the neighbor? Well, it’s both simple and complex. You have to …

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Save your neighbor! (part 1)

One of the most common—if not the most common—assumption in the world of Agility is the absence of specialization. Anyone must be able to jump in and do whatever task the team has planned for. We insist on multi-skilled and interchangeable team members. We seem to forget to make a clear difference between …

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How much do you adhere to Scrum? (aka presenting the Scrum Adherence Index)

Scrum is cool. Scrum gives us enough rules to implement something that is quite easy to understand to change the process of complex products development, to optimize predictability, and to reduce risks. We all know that and we love it, don’t we?


Pyxis choisie comme Coopérative de travailleurs actionnaire (CTA) modèle (en)

Le 18 mars dernier, Pyxis était en vedette au Rendez-vous de la coopération 2010 organisé par la CDR Montréal-Laval. WEBTV.COOP avait réalisé une vidéo de 2 minutes sur nous, afin d’expliquer à l’audience des Rendez-Vous de la Coopération 2010 ce qu’est une Coopérative de travailleurs actionnaire (CTA). De plus, j’ai …