Behind Agile Know-How, there is a team of passionate authors who share their vision and experience on a variety of Agile topics. We wish to emphasize their excellent work. 2017 has been an extraordinary year for Agile Know-How, which has seen a sharp rise in traffic. For 2018, we want to continue our mission of offering you more and more interesting and varied content.

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Our new authors

Louise Kold-Taylor

Louise is part of the Pyxis Cultures team. She helps create the space and atmosphere where important conversations can happen and all voices can be heard in order to inspire and engage people to work more collaboratively towards their shared goals and emergent purpose. In her posts, she proposes reflections about today’s organization.
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Lucie Lesage

Lucie has joined Pyxis as team coach and she puts her expertise in service of continuous improvement and the search for excellence. In her posts, she introduces us in particular to the tools she uses with Agile teams.
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Luc St Laurent

Luc joined Pyxis as Agile Coach. He believes in personal development within the team and development of the team within the organization. He is looking to contribute to the development of organizations in society. Among other things, he proposes posts about product development to help maximize the return thanks to an iterative development methodology.
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Jesus Mendez

Jesus is an Agile Coach for Pyxis in Montreal. He coaches people to help them collaborate with their heart. He is the author of the book: Forming Agile Teams. In order to inspire people, he often offers in his posts tools and techniques that he has experimented with teams he coaches.
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Éric Séguier

Éric is the founder of ODDES Conseil in Paris. He is passionate about co-creating mutually beneficial ecosystems for individuals and organizations so that fun and performance feed each other. This year he presented us his first post: “Are we learning?”
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Our experienced authors

Steffan Surdek

Steffan is an Agile coach, trainer, speaker and the founder of Pyxis Cultures. He also writes on Steffan has been part of the Agile Know-How adventure since the beginning, he has published more than forty blog posts. His favourite theme is leadership and team dynamics.
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Pawel Mysliwiec

Pawel is a member of the Pyxis Québec team. He a certified trainer. During the past year, he has certified over one hundred Scrum Masters and Product Owners. He shares posts about his experience of Scrum and its application in teams.
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Barbara Schultz

Barbara has founded Pyxis Great Lakes in 2016. She believes that it is not enough to simply face change and manage it, we need to aspire to a real transformation. For Agile Know-How, she is the author of the Everyday Agilist column. She shares her vision of Agility applied to various areas of her life.
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François Beauregard

François is one of Pyxis cofounders. He was one of the first Agilists in Montreal, more than 15 years ago. Today, François wants to push his organizational explorations further, he practises and participates in the development of an organizational approach for Open Participatory Organizations with Triaxiom9, member of the Pyxis network. He shares his vision and observations.
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Gabriel Bélanger

Gabriel is a member of Agile Know-How’s editorial team. He makes sure that we are presenting quality content. Curious and versatile, he writes posts on various Agile themes.
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