We, Sapiens, greatly prefer stability and consistency to chaos and confusion. However we are now unwillingly immersed in a world turned upside down because of a tiny and invisible enemy. Many of our benchmarks are gone.

The world is now even more complex, unpredictable and uncertain than before. Nothing will ever be the same, but we already knew it, didn’t we? That everything moves and evolves and that nothing is permanent . . . except change! Tomorrow will probably never be the same again, so why should WE remain the same?

Co-create Change

Confined in our homes, forced to slow down, to put important projects on the ice; we each suffer these disruptive events in a unique way. However, it is up to us to take on the creator’s role rather than being a victim; and above all, not to suffer change, but rather to co-create it as events unfold.

Change often hurts, but we don’t have to suffer and stay in pain. It is up to us to choose, to choose to stay with an emotion, to observe it with curiosity and without judgment, to name it, to understand it and then, when it no longer serves us, to let it go.

What Impact do we have?

Life is an infinite series of transitions and micro changes, stars explode and others are born in the firmament. Let us not suffer change, let us transform ourselves and take advantage of this period to reflect on the impact that we want to have in this world. What do you want to leave behind? Which part of you must you give up to plan for the future?

Let go of fears and worries, we can always choose how we react to events. At any time, we are free to take a fresh, neutral and optimistic look at the world; for us, for our children and our elders, our colleagues and our neighbours. Adopting a curious, open and flexible stance allows us to open up to new opportunities. With this infinite curiosity, we can dare to develop new skills or new knowledge.

Out of our Comfort Zone

Life suddenly pushes us to the end of our bearable limits and we have to adjust in real time to new thresholds of discomfort, to propel ourselves beyond possibilities never imagined before, to get out of our comfort zone and meet what wants to be born in us.

We must discover forces which until then were unknown to us and finally use them, to reveal ourselves in all our splendour and finally offer the best of us; the best version of ourselves. What are the beliefs limiting your ability to see these forces lurking in you that could be put to the service of the community? What strength, what talent, do you want to use to build the future?

Observe carefully, totally, what wants to be born, what wants to emerge, what tends to live! The sooner we abandon the expectations of our previous lives, “normality”, the faster we will adapt.

Doing Things Differently

This unprecedented global health crisis offers us an incredible opportunity to make the choice to emancipate ourselves, to evolve and to strive towards an ideal of ourselves. It’s an opportunity to do things differently, to slow down, to work at a job that makes us proud and that makes sense, to be of service and to make a difference. We are isolated, for a time, but all together we can be the difference that the planet wishes to see. The choice is ours at all times.

Who do you want to be at the end of confinement and de-confinement? What better version of yourself do you want to offer in the aftermath of the pandemic?

Zélia Lefebvre

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