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White Paper—Breaking down silos to improve the organization

This white paper is intended to help organizations deal with recurring project management problems: late deliveries, exceeded budgets, difficulty to plan the staff needed to work on projects, difficulty in securing them, lack of visibility. Download the white paper.

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What is your Agility level?

Move on to the next level Have you been practicing Agility for a while or did you just start? How do you measure your level of Agility? Agile diagnosis There are several ways to come up with an answer, but it often raises more questions than answers. Several Agile enthusiasts …

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5 questions on artificial harmony

There is a moment when everything is perfect. That nothing can change that. That no matter what happens, it will be exactly the right thing, and everyone will be happy. A pure moment of harmony, where we are on a roll and we feel invincible. At times, it can even …

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14 tips to have successful meetings with your distributed team

It’s well known, Agile approaches favor face-to-face conversations and collocated teams.However, depending on projects and clients, it is not always possible. Sometimes, team members are located in different places, have different cultures, and speak different languages. We do not always understand one another when in the same office; imagine when …

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The pool water is cold? What are you waiting for? Dive in!

As Scrum Masters, we sometimes encounter difficulties getting over our discomforts and paradigms. We may be afraid to act or to cause a tidal wave that may swipe someone’s morale and enthusiasm… Maybe sometimes we’re simply afraid of becoming afraid.  

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We delivered! – Post 7 of 7  

It has been 6 sprints already! I am pleasantly surprised with our team’s dynamics and to see how collaboration is emerging from Agility. I feel the team’s will to deliver a high-quality product that fully satisfies our users. I noticed that they are more and more involved in the design …

Agile transformationMaria's diaryMaria, Paul, and SimonProduct Owner

Scrum and the organization – Post 6 of 7

It was too good to be true! After 4 sprints, we are maintaining our cruising speed and the team is still motivated in delivering value. On the other hand, it’s at the organizational level that it is difficult. It began with people disturbing the team. Project managers were coming to …

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Trust in a Scrum team – Post 5 of 7

Cruising speed A second sprint completed. Here’s what has been different in this sprint: First of all, at the sprint planning, the team has broken down the product backlog items more finely. Then, they asked me all the right questions to understand the work to be done and capture the …

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Too many things to do – Post 4 of 7

The real work begins! During sprint 1, many things occurred. At the beginning of the sprint, we held our first planning session. Gilles, our super coach, kept the time and facilitated the meeting. Thank God! Otherwise I think we would still be there! We used the Planning Poker® technique for the …

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Agile transition—Ready or not, here I go – Post 3 of 7

This week, we started to organize ourselves, it did me some good. At the beginning of the week, it was chaos! The team needed to know everything. They wanted all the details that I couldn’t provide. I had the feeling of being completely disorganized. In addition, with the new approach, …