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Velocity, a measure that is false!

After 9 months acting as Scrum Master in his team, my client tells me: “I don’t see any improvement in my team. Our average velocity has not changed for several months. What are you going to do?” My answer: “Nothing!” His remark allowed us to have a conversation about velocity. What …

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Being Agile when the client doesn’t care…

For over 20 years, I have started and carried out software development projects for clients. That means a great number of projects! During all these years, I’ve rarely met clients who were very interested in the development process. In fact, to be more precise, they often wish to know if …

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Mob programming: the more developers there are…

You are certainly familiar with pair programming. This development practice advocated by Extreme Programming involves the collaboration of two developers to achieve the same task on the same workstation. In turn, one is the driver, writing the code, the other, the navigator that guides his colleague and reviews the lines …

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Two essential skills for the Scrum Master: listening and keeping silent

If it is true that Scum Masters must know how to be heard, sometimes high and loud, in order to protect their teams, then they must also learn to be quiet and above all to listen. In many teams and organizations, individuals talk, but they don’t listen to one another. Each …

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The ingredient often forgotten in the implementation of Agile Lean

You are back from the local Agile Tour. You still have in mind all the speeches you heard about Agility, Scrum, Lean and other methods that make promises of better days to IT organizations. You return to the office still very motivated by the energy of the Agile Tour and …

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Sprints instead of marathons!

I’m convinced that iterations are like jokes: the shortest are simply the best… Over the years, I had time to notice it. Therefore, in this blog post, we will explore together certain items that prove the relevance of sticking to realistic, short-term, and high-value objectives in order to produce deliverable …

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Playing a game to (re)discover Scrum

Four years ago, I discovered Scrum as a developer. In fact, I was pitchforked into a team that had to begin to work with the Scrum framework. It always causes quite a stir when learning a new development framework. And, I must admit, we are not necessarily enthusiastic about it, …

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Quality aspects to remember when starting an Agile project

On the IT side as well as on the client side, no one would dare say that the quality of their software is not important. Software must first and foremost be flawless, without any defects visible to the users. But is this enough? Do we make sufficient efforts when starting …

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Delegation, management, and the Agile culture

One thing we don’t realize immediately when starting an Agile transformation is the profound impact it has on the organization; therefore, on the managers composing it. As long as we stay focused on a single team with its Scrum Master and Product Owner, the impact of Agility on the organization …

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5 strategies to better manage application support provided by a Scrum team

In an ideal world, a Scrum team should be dedicated and exposed as little as possible to external disturbances. But in most cases, teams must focus on developing new software and support earlier versions of the software application in production. In fact, support requests can disrupt the sprint. Depending on …