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Turning Agile, a surprising announcement – Post 1 of 7 –

Big news this week for the new project I’m working on! Senior management took the decision to carry out the online claims system redesign project with an Agile approach. In addition, I was appointed Product Owner on the project. I’ve heard of Agility a few times, but I do not …

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11 tips for maintaining a healthy backlog

Does my team need to do backlog grooming? What do I need to do to have effective backlog grooming sessions? To maintain a healthy backlog, it can be very useful to have grooming sessions. The idea here is to schedule a recurring meeting with the team to discuss the stories …

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How much do you adhere to Scrum? (aka presenting the Scrum Adherence Index)

Scrum is cool. Scrum gives us enough rules to implement something that is quite easy to understand to change the process of complex products development, to optimize predictability, and to reduce risks. We all know that and we love it, don’t we?