Our lives have been turned upside down for over a month now.

Many people now have to deal with working from home and the presence of children and spouses throughout the day. Some find themselves more isolated and lonely than ever, and others remain on the job fighting against this invisible enemy. Our worlds suddenly seem more dangerous and disturbing and our behaviour suddenly had to adapt.

Today, and over the next few days, I want to share some tips and tricks for you to go through this Covid-19 and containment crisis as peacefully as possible. This is certainly unprecedented, but we are able to navigate and even surf the torrents of change carrying us away in these tumultuous moments. It is even possible grow from this episode. Yes, I’m sure of that.

At the start of the pandemic, we rushed to switch to remote work mode, thinking maybe it would only last a few days, or even two weeks at most. However, there is a possibility that life in “remote” mode will persist for several more months and in this we will let ourselves be guided by the experts. Today, it seems entirely appropriate to take stock of our new lives as home workers. Give yourself a break to take step back, a bit like an agile retrospective. I have tools to offer you: the vitality radar and an activity inspired largely by the classic: “Start”, “Stop”, “Continue”.

But first, how are you?

Did you manage to find your cruising speed? Have you created a routine that allows you to work productively while taking care of yourself and your family? Have you noticed that you work better in the morning or maybe in the evening? And virtual collaboration . . . is it happening?

The vitality radar

To reflect on the past few weeks and learn from them, I suggest you use the vitality radar below (click on image to download the file). Take a moment to assign a satisfaction score of 1 to 5 for each axis corresponding to different areas of your life. Connect the dots to visualize the state of your vitality.

In no time, this assessment allows you to have an overview of various aspects of your life: personal relationships, health, pleasures and self-care, both professionally and in regards to your collective contribution. This will give you a snapshot of the situation and help you know where you need to focus to establish more balance in your life. More than ever, it’s important to stay on course and keep enough energy to get through the crisis and grow beyond it.


In light of the results obtained with the vitality radar, you will be able to continue the reflection by identifying elements that you now want to adopt, stop, or continue to do by noting them in the columns: “Start”, “Stop” and “Continue ” And for the next iteration, or week, identify two adjustments you want to make to your routine so that your next week of confinement is lighter, more serene, and productive.

Start stop continue

And if you want to share some of your adjustments in the comments, it could inspire us all!!

Happy thoughts!

Zélia Lefebvre

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