To better understand how to motivate people and ensure their engagement, we need to better understand what motivates them.

Human ressources are what is most important in an organization. Directors need to do everything they can to make sure their employees are and stay active, creative and motivated. Moving Motivators is one of the workshops of the Management 3.0 course. It allows participants to explore what is motivating people. In the following  videos, Steffan Surdek presents Moving Motivators and the ten intrinsic desires.

Part One

Part Two

 Part 3

Becoming Agile manager

Agile management is an often neglected side of Agility. Development directors and team leads need to familiarize themselves with a new way of leading and managing an Agile organization.

Management 3.0 is meant for the manager that wishes to act optimally in an Agile context. The course enables you to practice the theory and to learn tools and practices to become an exceptional leaders.

These very lively two days of training present eight main themes. For each of these, a game or an exercise is planned. Participants play different roles, which allows them to discover different perspectives. Each activity ends with a report and discussions. Thus, people can make links between what they learned and their reality.

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Also read : ” Management 3.0 means energizing people! ” where Steffan explains the intrinsic and extrinsic motivations.

steffan surdek

Steffan is an Agile coach.

Clients are at the center of his approach and he shares his expertise with them. He is dedicated to their teams and their results. He works with them in order to find Agile solutions that answer their business needs.

Contact him to see how he can help you.

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