The first Pyxis workshop on Graphic Facilitation has taken place in Montreal on March 8th in front of a full room. Our colleague, Sarah Grigsby explained basic notions on how to become a good facilitator and how to succeed in representing with images what most of us write down.


Since an image is worth a thousand words , being able to illustrate the important elements of a problem is not always so simple. Through three scenarios, the participants have learned how to put on paper the essentials of a problem and try to describe it from all angles thanks to graphic representations. It’s not easy to liberate your pencils, but these exercices did stimulate imagination and nice conversations have emerged between participants.


Big thanks to Nathalie Desautels, Sophie Paquette and Nicolas Lelouche for bringing the scenarios and presenting them to the groups to help them practice graphic facilitation.

Pyxis offers this new training in order to provide you with all the necessary tools to be a good presenter and facilitator during your future team meetings.

Discover more about Graphic Facilitation and liberate your pencils!

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sophie paquette

Design means inspiration; results mean production. Sophie has over 15 years of experience in advertising, as a graphic designer, web and print designer, and project manager. She loves new challenges as well as meeting people. Passionate and committed, Sophie deploys all the efforts needed to carry out a project in a pleasant environment for her team. With the marketing team, she helps to showcase Pyxis everywhere. You’ll see; Pyxis will shine! Recently initiated to Agility, putting the individual forward is now gaining meaning.

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