Middle managers who empower and energize?!? It sounds like a concrete boat race (or having one foot on the gas and the other on the brake).

Well, yes! Just ask any “in the know” civil engineering student and/or one of the many students who are building and racing in the concrete canoe competition! They, of course, need to know how to do it and then tailor their knowledge based on their resources AND experiment their way to success.

Management is too important to be left to managers,says Jurgen Appelo.

As a manager in an Agile world, you can also succeed at what might seem like building and racing a concrete canoe. Learn about how to energize people and empower teams by capitalizing on Jurgen’s 10+ years of reading, practicing, and comprehending an astounding amount of Agile, complexity, organizational behavior, management, leadership, and change research. Based on his effort and gift of synthesizing complex information, Jurgen wrote the book Management 3.0: Leading Agile Developers, Developing Agile Leaders and created an associated 2-day workshop. Per the book’s preface:

“This book is about Agile Management, the managerial counterpart to Agile software development.” … “Managers need to understand what their new role is in the 21st century, and how to get the best out of Agile software teams.”

I believe this informative and creative body of work is empowering and relevant for most managers. The title builds on the notion of capturing the direction that management is taking in the 21st century with this basic progression of:

  • Management 1.0: doing the wrong thing = treating people like cogs in the machine,
  • Management 2.0: good intentions by doing the right things the wrong way = top down hierarchy of enforcement, and
  • Management 3.0: doing the right things, the right way by involving everyone and continuously tailoring and improving.

Are you ready to leap forward in the race and update your skillset? Participating in this fun, colorful, and interactive, yet very useful and concrete, workshop will engage both sides of your brain. These two days are bound to captivate you as you don your concrete boat builder/racer (management) hat. Do you want to:

  • Engage and motivate teams and individuals?
  • Enable continuous improvements?
  • Delight stakeholders?

Each facilitator brings their own flair to the workshops based on their passions, experience, and areas of interest. You are in for a treat if you attend one of François Beauregard’s workshops. As founder of Pyxis Technologies, François Beauregard is a deep and integrally-informed entrepreneur, coach, facilitator, and trainer who adds a bit of loop learning and integral theory to his workshops.

You can attend the workshop conducted in French: Brussels (November 16/17, 2015); Paris (November 19/20, 2015); Geneva (November 25/26, 2015); Québec City (December 1/2, 2015); and Montréal (December 16/17, 2015).

François will be kicking off Inspired Agility’s new presence in Portland Oregon with English language Management 3.0 workshop in December (7/8, 2015) and January (28/29, 2016).

Find the course that best fits your needs on the Management 3.0 events schedule.

Time to learn and grow and be part of an amazing community dedicated to empowered, happy, and energized workplaces across the globe. Let’s see what amazing new concrete canoes we can each create and race.


Photo: Lilyana Vynogradova / Shutterstock.com

Christine Brautigam

Christine’s career matured along with “the art and science of software development”. She builds upon a foundation of experience first as a developer/analyst and team lead then software process improvement, project management, IT effectiveness and adoption consulting, and now focused on organizational and leadership effectiveness. As a result of her far-reaching experiences in different industries and organizations, Christine, founded Inspired Agility (a Pyxis Network Member) to provide thought partner and consulting services for individuals and organizations embarking on meaningful transitions.

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