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Custom development, the promise of an idea that works…

Looking for a computerized solution to a problem, simple or complex, or looking to get more gains from a business process is a normal quest for any company, big or small. Most businesses identify several potential solutions but they do not necessarily answer their exact need, or sometimes several of …

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Studio and the startups, a win-win partnership

Several months ago, Studio Pyxis has started an exploration and questioning process regarding startups in the greater region of Montreal. Everything stems from two things : ascertainment and intention. The ascertainment extends over some years. After more than 26 years, I stopped counting the times that entrepreneurs offered me to be …

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An Agile manager opening his heart…

Today I’m tired. Everything was much simpler when I was a developer. It was the time of clarity. Things were black or white, true or false… I could easily see if I was doing the right thing. If it was working, it was the right thing! The simplicity resided in …

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Being Agile when the client doesn’t care…

For over 20 years, I have started and carried out software development projects for clients. That means a great number of projects! During all these years, I’ve rarely met clients who were very interested in the development process. In fact, to be more precise, they often wish to know if …

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How much is it to develop my custom software?

Evaluating the development of a custom software application Never as much as nowadays IT solutions offered to SME were as various and as accessible. Solutions now exist for many standard needs. Whether for accounting, marketing, or customer relationship management, there is a wide range of software solutions allowing businesses of …

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A software development studio? Why not!

This year, our marketing team has the mandate of revamping Pyxis’ website. Oh yes, you are one of the firsts to find out by reading this post—in a few weeks, Pyxis will launch a new website. In order to do so, our team is working with an extraordinary development team …