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Why consider Xamarin Forms for a mobile application?

Why consider Xamarin Forms for a mobile application developed with an Agile approach? Several aspects have to be considered when starting a project, Agile or not. Among them, there is obvioulsy the technology that will be used. In the case of a mobile application, there are many possible choices : to …

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The Bracket Show—episode 1

Hello World Enterprise Watch the first episode of the Bracket Show. In this episode, Éric and Bruno present how it is possible to create the foundation of a large-scale corporate application through automated testing and a build server. You can also learn more about the enterprise version of Hello World …

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The Bracket Show

It’s after two days of carpooling to a training that the idea of the Bracket Show was born. The idea is quite simple: talking about code, development, and anything related to this, by providing short online videos. Why? First and foremost, to share our knowledge. With more than 30 years …

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Hello World Mobile

With the recent acquisition of Xamarin by Microsoft, it could be expected that the development of mobile applications would become a little more accessible, especially considering that this acquisition has changed the cost of Xamarin to… nothing! Thanks to Xamarin Forms and Visual Studio Community Edition, it is now possible …