A tool for the well-being and performance of Agile teams

This presentation will introduce you to the management of polarities, how to identify them and also to see how they are powerful tools for individual and collective performance.

By interactively experimenting with some of the polarities that often arise in Agile teams, participants will realize how polarity management can untie situations and release important energies leading to greater well-being and performance.

Only in French

François Beauregard

I have a daring, even naive curiosity, and I am a great explorer of the conventionally known. Inspired by the destabilization of the agreed upon and the openings generated by the soft highlighting of perceptions of inconsistencies, I am convinced that there are possibilities that await to be realized far beyond – or below – our fields of vision.

I have a passion for software development and human organizations. I like to contribute to projects where the intention is to explore new modes of operation and governance, while seeking to maximize the quality of life and personal satisfaction of all participants.

Like me, maybe you are intrigued by the phenomenon of forming the ‘I’ that is discussed in a bio?

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