Our conversations are sometimes bland and conflict does not happen where it should, if at all. It is important for people and organizations to develop their ability to truly understand the essence of their conflicts before they explode and demand drastic intervention. Conflicts exist between people and between different divisions of your company.

During the Agile Tour Québec in November 2017, our colleagues Dave Jacques and Gilles Duchesne were presenting the workshop “Conflicts at the service of your success.”

They showed to participants how facilitation offers the opportunity to navigate conflict to understand the underlying reasons and leave with creative solutions without unnecessarily seeking to defend a position. For them, facilitation allows us to welcome, understand and use our differences to unlock people’s full potential.

See how this workshop went: (in French)

Become facilitator

Dave and Gilles offer a new course Introduction to facilitation. They invite you to become leaders who influence the quality of groups, teams and organizations by creating conditions for richer and more satisfying and efficient collaboration and engagement.

Facilitation fascinates you? Here is what Dave and Gilles have to say about it:

Being a facilitator

Facilitating your organization

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