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You are about to read the third article of the second workbook of the “Agile Teams from Forming to Performing series” titled “Storming Agile Teams“, which contains the first tool that I would propose you to use, to help with identifying a group/team entering into the Storming phase of their development journey.

The following list, contains the main signs that I think could help you identify when a group/team has entered the storming phase of their development journey:

  1. Team’s Vision, if defined, unclear on people’s minds.
  2. Undefined goals, and if defined, they are misinterpreted or understood depending of each team member perspective.
  3. Roles and responsibilities in the process of being defined/clarified.
  4. Low level of collaboration between team members.
  5. Collaboration agreements unclear or undefined.
  6. Results are highly impacted depending on conflict intensity.
  7. Low level of trust.
  8. Low level of transparency and visibility about tasks progression.
  9. Poorly defined tasks.
  10. Voice tone and communication tend to be violent.
  11. Individuals first then team’s interests.
  12. Individual point of view prevails instead of a collective purpose.
  13. You can smell fear, and people try to avoid fighting it.
  14. Personal/task destructive conflicts arise between team members during team ceremonies.
  15. Respect between members is doubtful.
  16. The Blaming game seems to be a common practice when issues arise.
  17. Use of Irony and Sarcasm highly present when communicating.
  18. Team members are unaware about the team entering/navigating though the conflict zone.

Tool: Signs of a group/team entering into the Storming Phase – Individual Check List

  • How does it help you?
  • How do you find it useful?
  • What needs to be changed?

Thank you for being there for me, for supporting my journey in many ways, and for making me a better human being.

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Forming Agile Teams, Jesus Mendez,

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