The daily is a well-known Scrum ceremony. Its objective is to synchronize the team’s activities and plan the work until the next daily. Even though this meeting is very simple and routine, the basics are sometimes forgotten.

A quick reminder of the rules of the game:

  • The meeting is timeboxed (maximum duration of 15 minutes).
  • All the development team participates.
  • Only the development team participates.
  • The meeting is scheduled at the same time and the same place every day.
  • The progress of the meeting is the responsibility of the development team.

Here are five things to remember to have successful daily scrums:

  1. The meeting revolves around the sprint backlog.
  2. After 15 minutes, everybody leaves.
  3. Everyone is standing up.
  4. In turn, each member of the team explains:
  • What has been done yesterday to reach the objective of the sprint.
  • What will be done today to reach the objective of the sprint.
  • What are the obstacles that prevent reaching the objective of the sprint.
  1. Team members come prepared to communicate efficiently.

Successful daily scrums will help you reach the objective of the sprint. Often, after the daily scrum, the team will take the opportunity to discuss the planned work further. Sometimes, the best thing to do for the team is to replan the work remaining to be done during the sprint.

Do you also have tips to help you succeed with your daily scrums?

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vincent tencé

Vincent is a developper at Pyxis Montréal.

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