In a domain like ours, it’s important to establish our individual and collective credibility. It is also important to maintain this credibility by showing initiative and creativity on a sustained basis. To do this, different avenues are open to us. One of them is the creation of unique and relevant content that engages both the authors and readers and expand our ability to generate and maintain interest in our business.

We believe that some of our employees are able to emphasize their role as ambassadors of Agile approaches with our network and the public in general. In this context, we invited them to attend a series of meetings where we exchanged ideas, established priorities and defined roles as well as determined a more precise modus operandi for the production of original content. We invited them to be part of a team that creates original content without taking it too seriously and to unite their voices to confirm our position as leaders of the industry.

A bit like accessible scholars, such as Yannick Nézet-Séguin sitting on the edge of the stage to discuss the show with the public, we want them to let out a bit of their craziness and to discover the most eccentric side of their personality while still putting forward their expertise.

We want to maintain a lively discussion with our various counterparts so they become exceptional, creative, friendly and humble creators, and this while maintaining a balance between performance and vulnerability, which makes them accessible and humane and sets once again their status of references in their field.

We understand that the level of interest or ease always varies from one person to another. However, we must not forget that this involvement allows to establish and demonstrate their expertise and also to ensure their sustainability and reputation. We must cultivate spontaneity and allow different voices to express themselves in an appropriate setting.

To facilitate the production of content while reconciling it with busy schedules, we insist on implementing processes for the authors to obtain editorial support, if necessary. Thus, if some have good ideas and want to share them, but do not have the time, we offer them the opportunity to write a brief summary and then provide them with support in preparing the final text.

We also hope to maintain a dimension of fun and enjoyment, reminiscent of the relaxed atmosphere of a discussion between friends on a terrace and that it continues to be fully reflected in the blog and in general on the various platforms on which we are active.

Establishing favourable conditions for creativity and helping to reveal the full potential of people are at the centre of Agile values. Therefore, it’s an approach that is creative and it builds identity at the same time. It allows us to always look to innovate while giving free rein to our passions. For it is by focusing on the interests that are dear to us that we can touch the reader and generate commitment.

Transparency is also central to Agile processes. We should never lose sight of the fact that authenticity and honesty are fundamental and contribute to highlighting our real intentions and motivations. It also contributed to the undertaking of this text. The ideal is to treat the reader as a collaborator that we invite to be part of our reflection.

In conclusion, it is sometimes important to pause for a moment to remember the main reasons behind our efforts and reaffirm loud and clear our willingness to share the values of Agility and thus have the greatest number of benefits from it.

Furthermore, in an ever-changing reality, we have the opportunity to take time to tune our violins for our symphony to remain harmonious while brilliantly arranging the uniqueness of the voices composing it.

gabriel bélanger

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