Meet Maria, Paul, and Simon.

All three have gained the real benefits of Agility:

  • Their organizations deliver more value to market faster.
  • They have more responses to urgent and changing requirements.
  • Their teams are more energetic and work in a more coherent framework despite turbulence.


maria-thumbMeet Maria, Product Owner

Maria is known for promoting collaboration with her clients and for being aligned to their needs. She masters the changes and risks during deliveries  and fosters good energy in teams. A few months ago, senior management of the company in which she works, decided to carry out a project aimed at redesigning the online claims system using an Agile approach. With this decision, Maria’s role changed.

Read her diary in order to understand how an Agile transition takes place and to learn about the challenges it brings.


paul-thumbMeet Paul, Director

Paul is now an excellent leader. He impresses his colleagues by the results obtained following the implementation of Agility in the organization. He experienced a few disappointments at first, but along the weeks, he saw concrete results such as more effective teams that deliver value.
He is a manager in a large high-tech company and is responsible for major projects. Paul’s decisions have an impact on the entire organization.

Read his notebook to find out how he went from traditional manager to servant leader!

Simon_profilMeet Simon, Developer

Simon created an application of the highest quality and, together with a dynamic and committed team, he delivered an outstanding product. Only a few months ago, he was working on a project with a fast approaching deadline. He was looking for a custom software development studio to help him use the best approaches to software development.

Read his blog to learn about the challenges and successes of the project. And read Simon’s blog posts to live through his experience developing with a studio.

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