It has been 6 sprints already! I am pleasantly surprised with our team’s dynamics and to see how collaboration is emerging from Agility. I feel the team’s will to deliver a high-quality product that fully satisfies our users. I noticed that they are more and more involved in the design of the product. Results are there; I realize that this first version of our product has great value.

The application has already been deployed. It is amazing, after just a few months, users are actually using our application. We get their feedback right away; thus, we can improve the product so it meets their specific needs. Management is happy with the product’s ROI, and we are not done yet… Management has more confidence in the team since a portion of the product is functional and in use. In fact, they want us to go on with the project. It is the first time that it is so easy for me to get an additional budget. Having measurable outcome is one of the reasons why it was so easy. Everything is going well.

After 6 sprints, thanks to Gilles’ coaching, my Scrum Master and I feel that we are at ease with our respective role for the project. We will respectively take one course to better master our role: Professional Scrum Master (for him) and Professional Scrum Product Owner (for me). Gilles will remain available to support us and give us advice, if necessary.

Finally, I am very happy the organization decided to become Agile. Despite the learning curve, challenges, and failures, I believe Agility offers numerous benefits. I firmly believe that we will do even better during the next 6 sprints…



She has been appointed “Product Owner” in the context of an Agile transition at work.
Maria is organized at work, but her new role raises some questioning.
She wants to meet the changing demands of her clients, better connect with her development team, and have an overview of the project workflow. Maria turned to Pyxis for their expertise in Agility.

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