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I was introduced to my team: eight team-mates who come from the IT field. I’ve worked with such a team in the past. I remember how they were disconnected from the market and how they represented a big expense for the project. I hope this time it will be better. Anyway, the team seems dynamic.

We had good team meetings with Gilles, our coach. He gave us the “Scrum through practice” course; it gave us an energy boost. We learned Scrum through workshops. I like it because it is more practical. During the course, we especially worked on creating a product backlog. We learned to develop, to evaluate, and to order it. I was also able to observe team dynamics through sprint simulations. It was interesting. Thanks to the course, the entire team has a better understanding of Scrum. It really changes the way we’re used to do things.

With Gilles, I discovered that a team can be structured even when using an Agile approach. I’m pretty happy to see that Scrum provides a structure; I was afraid that everything would be disorganized. My product backlog will have to be clear and organized. I will have to keep it up to date throughout the project, which was not often the case for our previous projects’ documents.

Now, I have to prepare our backlog, and do it well. I don’t think I can do it by myself in the next 2 weeks. There are too many things to anticipate and plan. I don’t want to start the project and have the impression that we are working for nothing. In my previous projects, it took several months to analyze the needs and plan all deliverables. I felt less rushed. How will I do everything in only two weeks? There’s a mountain of work ahead of me. I ‘m not sure I’ll make it. I’m already anticipating the next steps.



She has been appointed “Product Owner” in the context of an Agile transition at work.
Maria is organized at work, but her new role raises some questioning.
She wants to meet the changing demands of her clients, better connect with her development team, and have an overview of the project workflow. Maria turned to Pyxis for their expertise in Agility.

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