Big news this week for the new project I’m working on!

Senior management took the decision to carry out the online claims system redesign project with an Agile approach. In addition, I was appointed Product Owner on the project. I’ve heard of Agility a few times, but I do not really understand why it is better than traditional approaches. Above all, I wonder how a Product Owner is any different from a Product Manager. I feel like I’m going to be involved in the entire project. Usually, I’m only solicited at the beginning and at the end of a project. I wonder how this new role will keep me busy full time. I feel that I will be useless if I have to be there all the time. And I’m asking myself how I’m going to work on my other projects? I have so much to do at the same time!

We only have 2 weeks to get familiar with this new way of working, that’s not a lot of time. Management has called in a company to help us. There is a consultant who is coaching us. I can’t wait to see how he will help me because all this newness makes me nervous. I’m not very confident that we will succeed with this new approach, and I don’t know if it will really change anything.

Gilles, our coach, told me to keep a diary to make our successes, achievements, and challenges visible.



She has been appointed “Product Owner” in the context of an Agile transition at work.
Maria is organized at work, but her new role raises some questioning.
She wants to meet the changing demands of her clients, better connect with her development team, and have an overview of the project workflow. Maria turned to Pyxis for their expertise in Agility.

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