As the New Year unfolds, I feel so blessed to be living out my dream of becoming an Improvement Coach as part of the Pyxis family.

Less than a month into this amazing journey, I am astounded by my wonderful teammates. Their Agile skills are wonderfully advanced and they are already teaching me so much. The Pyxissians I have had the pleasure of meeting so far are brilliant and highly certified; capable of leading Agile software development and providing certification courses to others. They are truly leaders in this field! I feel privileged to be a part of this network built on supporting one another.

At first I was intimidated and anxious to become more like them, to leverage my passion for people and continuous improvement, to match them certification for certification. I am rising to that challenge; I am already ramped up to deliver approved courses and will add the Professional Scrum Master (PSM) certification to my years of experience in February. I am ready to stand among them.

But I am starting to ask myself if my larger mission may be different from theirs:

  • What if my mission is simpler?
  • What if my mission is less academic?
  • What if my mission is to demystify Lean and Agile?
  • What if my mission is to excite people and start them on the same journey I have been following for years?

I am beginning to feel that my mission is complementary to that of my brilliant Pyxis colleagues. While they are the professors and purveyors of higher knowledge, I want to be more like the favourite grade school teacher that introduces the fascinating subjects of human nature; the teachings of a variety of schools of change management and continuous improvement and the feeling of pure joy one feels from moving a team forward.

Maybe a simpler mission or an invitation to everyone to start the journey!!

I believe that we subconsciously apply Agile principles every day of our lives. Imagine where we could go if we learned to apply it intentionally. I believe in imPROVEment for everyone. I want to be the “Everyday Agilist”.

I hope you will come back to read to my future blog posts and join me on my journey as the “Everyday Agilist”!

Barbara Schultz

I believe that in order to be successful in the 21st century, one must not just manage and cope with change, one must aspire to be transformational. But how does one learn to “think outside of the box”? As a lifelong learner, I want to be a part of your transformation journey. My experience as a corporate change management and process specialist has allowed me to develop my Lean, Agile and Six Sigma skills into a varied toolbox to simplify change management and development. My training as a life coach and mental health facilitator provides a collaborative human touch to add heart and happiness to the experience. After all, Lean is really about finding the shortest distance between two points by leveraging the power of your people. I look forward to providing your team with the training and consulting services that will simplify and demystify your transformation journey.

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