GTEC FR Agile software development practices allow businesses and governments around the world to rapidly deliver valuable software to their customers. Organisations are increasingly aware and accountable of the budget constraints on big IT projects. It is proven that Agility helps maintain the focus on real value added elements of software solutions as well as increase employee engagement. Because of overspending on large IT projects, which require continuous injections of funds to complete, governments around the world are adopting Agile practices to maximize the value of each dollar invested. From 2010 to 2014, the Société québécoise des infrastructures (SQI) undertook the PESA project. This project aimed to modernize its property management systems and to review its business processes by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by leading-edge technologies. They decided to invest 49 million dollars in this project instead of 75 million dollars which was the original estimated cost. Modernizing their systems using Agility allowed them to successfully deliver with fewer resources and within the budget. This presentation is an experience report that explains how the SQI successfully carried out the project using an integrated Agile approach which included strategic adoption planning that was supported by expert coaching and training on-site. Planned outcomes:

  • Raise participants awareness of Agility and how it can be implemented in a governmental context
  • Raise participants awareness of the real-life implications, challenges, and constraints potentially encountered within the context of an Agile transition.

As part of GTEC 2015, the Pyxissians Steffan Surdek and Mathieu Boisvert will present this conference on October 20th between 1 PM and 2 PM at the Shaw Centre in Ottawa.

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