The Agile Know-How team wishes you a happy New Year. It promises to be challenging for us and we look forward to tackling the new projects we have in store for you.

To kick off the New Year, we have collected our most popular blog posts from last year. Here are our top 5 Agile Know-How posts of 2017.

Self-Organization is not “Laissez-Faire”

The Agile Manifesto suggests that we value “individuals and interactions over processes and tools,” not replace with. Becoming Agile involves democratizing the organization so that teams previously managed and/or controlled by a manager will now become self-organizing. Louise Kold Taylor presents the challenges faced by teams during Agile transitions toward self-organization.

Discussion about acceptance criteria

Acceptance criteria are essential to Agile frameworks. They are at the center of any discussion about the work that needs to be done. However, as important as they are, little time is being dedicated to them in most Agile trainings. Luc St-Laurent tells us about acceptance criteria which are at the heart of the Product Owner’s life.

What is the purpose of Agile Certifications?

How many certifications do you have? How important are they? What are they for ? Pierre-Emmanuel Dautreppe from Pyxis Belgium tells us about his career and what certifications have brought him over the years.

Agile scaling

In recent years we have seen the appearance of new Agile scaling frameworks such as Large Scale Scrum (Craig Larman), Scaled Agile Framework (Dean Leffingwell), and Nexus (Ken Schwaeber). Pawel Mysliwiec proposes alternatives to scaling that are often ignored despite empirical evidence of their value.

Why a Scrum Master?

Our colleague Nedjma Saidani from Pyxis Switzerland answers the following questions:

  • What is a Scrum Master?
  • What are the qualities of a good Scrum Master?
  • Why is the Scrum Master’s role essential?

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