For the ninth consecutive year, Pyxis is happy to be part of the Montreal Agile Tour. Year after year, the Agile Montréal community works hard to organize an event that stands out. As leaders of Agile approaches, it’s always a pleasure to be partners of the event and present conferences. So here what we have in store for you on November 30th!

Do not miss our conferences

Defining value with Luc Saint-Laurent

What defines the success of a product? It’s our perception of its value. This conference is based on the works of Bain and explores different components of value for our clients and users. We also address their place in product development as well as their influence on our production teams.

Agile scaling playbook with Mathieu Boisvert and Guillaume Soyer

By comparing the different frameworks for Agile Scaling, we have noticed that most of the material is about the basics of Agility. It made us want to design a short Agile scaling playbook, without framework, for all those who have a certain Agile experience and want to address Agile scaling directly. This short playbook gives an overview of the different practices.

Disruptive collaboration! Idea generation turned on its head! with Louise Kold-Taylor and Steffan Surdek

Some of the most innovative solutions come from working collaboratively across domains, but bridging the gap between business and technology teams can be an ongoing challenge. In this workshop, participants will experience a structured and participative process on how to begin formulating innovative solutions as design challenges centered in meeting human needs.

Come see us at our booth

Discover how our consulting services help you maximize the efficiency of your teams with Agile coaching. Our consultants will be there to answer your questions.

A first for Agile Know-How

Agile Know-How is proud to officially be a partner of the Montréal Agile Tour for the first time this year. Come see us to get your copy of the second edition of the Agile Know-How magazine, first Quebec-based magazine dedicated to Agility.

In the meantime, download your copy of the first edition to read all the articles.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Marie-Ève works in marketing at Pyxis

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