Since 2008, Pyxis has been taking part in each of the Quebec Agile Tour and is happy to be one of the featured partners of this year’s edition. This event was very successful last year and the program of 2017 is promising. As leaders of Agile approaches, we are pleased to sponsor the event and present conferences. Here is what we have in store for you on Tuesday, November 7th!

Must-see conferences

“Practising the art of open and spontaneous conversation” with François Beauregard

What if the important components of leadership work in an organization are:

  • To propose generative conversations that would not otherwise take place
  • To invite to open reflection “spaces” at the heart of organizational life
  • To have the courage and ability to engage and maintain improvised, fluid, and open conversations that are not always managed by a structured program
  • To master the art of feeding conversations in a way that is more fertile to the emergence of significant actions and creative projects.

In fact, we could say that being a good leader partly consists in working with conversation as an art form.

“Conflict serving your success” with Dave Jacques and Gilles Duchesne

Our conversations are usually bland, and conflicts definitely do not arise where we’d expected. It is important for people and organizations to develop their ability to understand the basis of their conflicts before they outbreak and require a drastic intervention. Conflicts exist between your organization’s people as well as departments. Facilitation allows to navigate through conflicts in order to understand their weighty reasons and come out with creative solutions without unnecessarily seeking to defend a position.

Organizations must develop their ability to facilitate conflict resolution in order to improve the quality of the communications between individuals, teams, and departments. It is important to demystify conflict to go from a reactive attitude to a creative one. This conference is a continuation of the presentations on facilitation given over the last two years and it goes further regarding the understanding of conflict.

Enriched training catalog!

Visit us at our booth on November 7th to discover our 10 brand new courses. Our coaches, consultants, and trainers will be there to answer your questions.

2nd issue of the Agile Know-hom magazine

Come to our booth to get your copy of the second issue of the magazine, the one and only “Made in Quebec” magazine dedicated to Agility.

CoverSA_ENGIn the meantime, if you haven’t done it yet, download the first issue of the magazine.

See you next Tuesday!

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