Friday June 9th has been the starting point of the 2017 edition of Eastern Canada’s Agile Coach Camp. More than a hundred coaches have met to exchange about the profession and share their experiences. The event was taking place on the enchanting site of the Nav Center in Cornwall.


The weekend was hosted by Jeff Kosciejew and was in the form of an Open Space facilitated by Jesus Mendez and Mike Edwards.

Almost fifty sessions have taken place about varied subjects linked to coaching and Agility. Among those, I had the chance to practice Clean Langage, to explore the System of Profound Knowledge of Deming and to be part of a Featureban workshop, without forgetting numerous interesting conversations about Agility and coaching.


Notes on System Thinking with Chris Chapman

The notes for the different sessions are available on

The key element of the weekend was the will of the participants to get closer. The main goal of the attendees is generally to connect or reconnect. We look to support each other and discuss on other platforms. We feel like the Coach Camp is no longer an activity, it’s the manifestation of an important community of coaches in Eastern Canada.

There was a strong sense of belonging to a community of people whose unique goal is to help their peers and organizations to do better and be better…

Once again, congratulations and thanks to the organizers!

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Luc St-Laurent

Luc is a certified Scrum professional (CSP) and an Agile coach. He began his journey in information technology more than 20 years ago, well before adopting the Agile values (2007). He is dedicated to helping teams and managers to better collaborate and deliver to the user a product of higher quality.
Luc believes in personal development within the team and development of the team within the organization. He longs to believe in the development of the organization within our society.

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