Laval, February 8, 2017Pyxis /studio is proud to have participated in the development and deployment of the Adèle on demand startup.

On October 11th, a new service was introduced in Montréal: domestic housekeeping on demand. Pyxis /studio took part in the development of a mobile application and a web platform allowing to get estimates and book appointments for housekeeping services as well as to manage the work of the “Adèle pros”. Pyxis /studio’s team also participated in the ideation phase and helped with the business logic.

“From the beginning of the project, Pyxis /studio has been a key partner in the implementation of our technological vision. In addition to developing a robust and scalable technology platform, they played an instrumental role in the project by investing in it. This innovative business vision, which combines the provision of expertise in leading-edge technologies and a financial investment, allowed us to rapidly enter the market with a stable platform,” says Claude Riopel, co-president and CEO of Adèle on demand.

Thanks to our Agile development methods, Adèle on demand rapidly entered Montréal’s market. In fact, the constant delivery of increments contributed to the early introduction of this unique innovative service.

“For 2 years now, /studio has been investing in startups and helping them with their project. We take part in the growth of these new businesses. To do so, we provide them with technological solutions and business strategies while maximizing the value of their investment. Therefore, the Adèle on demand project was in line with our mission. It was an honour to contribute to the success of this great organization that is offering a brand-new service in Quebec,” added Martin Landreville, vice-president of solutions and products at Pyxis /studio.

About Pyxis /studio
Pyxis /studio is primarily a place to create software. We specialize in custom development for clients looking for unique solutions and wanting to maximize their return on investment. For over 15 years, our development team has proven its Agility, creativity, collaborative spirit and unwavering dedication to the success of our clients and partners.

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