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Agility like it’s obvious!

Guillaume Bertin is a software development expert. His diverse experiences have made him discover different cultures and assume various roles : from developer to analyst, architect and project manager. In recent years, he has been animating development teams of the financial world. As a manager, he is trying to create team …

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Being a girl in a world of developers

During a third-year class in university, I received a text saying : “Hey, have you realized that you’re the only girl in the class?” The answer war no; I wasn’t seeing it any more. It had become the norm. Being the only or one of the rare girls in the group …

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Development environment : How to start your perfect project?

The project is accepted, the requirements are clear; but where to start to carry out our development? A natural reflex is to prepare everything in advance to be able to program without meeting obstacles relative to the technological environments. So it’s at this moment that the team organizes a round …

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Liberate our pencils!

The first Pyxis workshop on Graphic Facilitation has taken place in Montreal on March 8th in front of a full room. Our colleague, Sarah Grigsby explained basic notions on how to become a good facilitator and how to succeed in representing with images what most of us write down. Since …

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Why consider Xamarin Forms for a mobile application?

Why consider Xamarin Forms for a mobile application developed with an Agile approach? Several aspects have to be considered when starting a project, Agile or not. Among them, there is obvioulsy the technology that will be used. In the case of a mobile application, there are many possible choices : to …

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Studio and the startups, a win-win partnership

Several months ago, Studio Pyxis has started an exploration and questioning process regarding startups in the greater region of Montreal. Everything stems from two things : ascertainment and intention. The ascertainment extends over some years. After more than 26 years, I stopped counting the times that entrepreneurs offered me to be …

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Urban Turtle : nine years of a trip around the world

Urban Turtle is an Agile project management software for the Microsoft Team Foundation Server platform developped and and marketed by the Studio Pyxis team. In the past nine years, the product has evolved to become a reference in the world of Agile management tools around the world. Urban Turtle is …

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Discussion about acceptance criteria

Acceptance criteria are essential to Agile frameworks. They are at the center of any discussion about the work that needs to be done. However, as important as they are, little time is being dedicated to them in most Agile trainings. Here, I will try to remedy the situation by shedding …

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Facilitating your organization

The world we’re living in is increasingly complex. The tasks, needs, and technologies, our work methods, our understanding of ourselves, everything becomes more complex and so do organizations. In fact, they have to deal with frequent staff changes, employees of different generations, and also work teams across different cities, countries, …

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The Bracket Show—episode 1

Hello World Enterprise Watch the first episode of the Bracket Show. In this episode, Éric and Bruno present how it is possible to create the foundation of a large-scale corporate application through automated testing and a build server. You can also learn more about the enterprise version of Hello World …