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RESULTS: Survey on the state of Agility in 2016

In a continuous effort to improve our ways to do things and to give an accurate picture of the current state of Agility in businesses, Pyxis Technologies conducted a survey with our network. We are pleased to present the results. Number of years being Agile Although Agile approaches have been …

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A Product Owner diary

Meet Maria, Product Owner Maria is known for promoting collaboration with her clients and for being aligned to their needs. She masters the changes and risks during deliveries  and fosters good energy in teams. A few months ago, senior management of the company in which she works, decided to carry …

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A successful Agile transformation in the public sector

On June 2nd, Revenu Québec won the 2016 OCTAS award for its information resource transformation project. Below is an overview of this successful project we took part in. The context Revenu Québec wants to offer innovative business solutions that efficiently support work organization as well as its service offering. What …


Agility in Singapore

For almost 3 years now, Epicoaching has been Pyxis’ agent in Singapore. And Michaël Bertrand is the founder. His mission: work with experienced leaders globally looking for a long-lasting impact and powerful connections with their teams. Marc-André Langlais has recently joined Michaël in order to share his experience and be …

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Agile is dead—the opinion of 2 Agile coaches

Matthew Kern recently published a controversial post: Agile is dead. We asked two of our coaches what they thought about it. Is it really the end of Agility? Here is the opinion of Steffan Surdek and Marc-André Langlais. Steffan Personally, I believe there is a certain degree of truth in …

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Video of the “Test strategically, not accidentally” webinar

On December 9th, Erik LeBel conducted a webinar called “Test strategically, not accidentally”. Learn how to prepare test strategies that are adapted to project requirements and risks. Here is what Erik has to say about it: Automated developer testing is part of the foundation of Agile software development projects, but …

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Meet Simon

Meet Simon. He’s a developer having trouble delivering the application he’s working on. His boss has high expectations and hopes that the application will be ready soon. With Pyxis /studio , Simon and his boss will work to develop a software application that delights them.  

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Meet Paul

He is director in a large high tech company. At work, Paul is responsible for major projects, and the decisions he is making impact the entire organization. He has heard of Agility, but he is not certain to be ready to take the plunge.  

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See Maria, appointed Product Owner

She has been appointed “Product Owner” in the context of an Agile transition at work. Maria is organized at work, but her new role raises some questioning. She wants to meet the changing demands of her clients, better connect with her development team, and have an overview of the project …