Hello World Enterprise

Watch the first episode of the Bracket Show. In this episode, Éric and Bruno present how it is possible to create the foundation of a large-scale corporate application through automated testing and a build server.

You can also learn more about the enterprise version of Hello World in the following blog post.

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éric de carufel

Passionate, concerned, and careful are qualities describing Éric, for whom software development is a constant quest for improvement to strike a balance between perfection and client needs. His architectural approach is simple: to develop an architecture where it is easier to apply good practices than bad ones.

His involvement as a speaker and blogger is recognized by Microsoft, which awarded to him the prize of "Most Valuable Professional in Visual C#" (C# MVP) every year between 2009 and 2015.

Bruno Barrette

Working for a long period in the pharmaceutical industry, he gained experience based on rigour and attention to quality. His curiosity led him to exploit multiple technologies and development-related fields, such as project management, software validation, and implementation of solutions.

Bruno is a versatile player to whom we can turn to regardless of the nature of the project. He always seeks to extend his knowledge and to share it with his peers.

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