For almost 3 years now, Epicoaching has been Pyxis’ agent in Singapore. And Michaël Bertrand is the founder. His mission: work with experienced leaders globally looking for a long-lasting impact and powerful connections with their teams. Marc-André Langlais has recently joined Michaël in order to share his experience and be part of the unit’s growth.

Singapore is known for its forward-thinking; yet, adopting Agility is a strong challenge. In his most recent post, Marc-André is explaining why, according to him, it is difficult to carry out software development projects using Agile approaches in Singapore.

Michaël and Marc-André are taking part in many events to promote Agility. For instance, this week, they will be at CommunicAsia2016, where Marc-André will be one of the panellists. He will address topics such as the factors that allow to stand out from the crowd on the market, to improve the time to market, and to increase profitability.

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marie-eve trempe

Marie-Ève works in marketing at Pyxis

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