I’ve been questioning myself about starting a blog for a while now. The fact is that, for me, speaking comes more easily than writing. Still, I realized that writing gives me time to take a step back and think. It allows me to refine my ideas and thoughts, to take a step back from my assumptions, my beliefs, etc.

In short, the more I write the more I enjoy it. In fact, I think I can develop this talent by actually writing.

If I would have started my blog last year, it would have been called “Pragmatic Idealist” because I feel it defines me pretty well, especially in my professional context. Because of Pyxis and my involvement in numerous communities, you can certainly find that I invest quite a dose of energy in challenging order and bringing ideals for the software development profession and the modern business. I would have used the word ‘pragmatic’, because I’ve never wanted to stop coming up with ideas. I’ve always wanted to be in action and learn by applying new learning with people I enjoy working with.

Even though I chose another title for my blog, don’t be surprised to discover a tone of pragmatic idealism in my writing.

Here is the title I chose: “Unexpected Achievements”. Why? Because I love the double meaning of the word ‘achievement’. First of all, “unexpected achievements” requires openness and richness of diversity. In a second meaning, there is the call to action, the willingness to take risks and to seek new challenges in order to achieve great things; unexpected achievements…

I intend to write about a variety of topics related to the modern business: Agility, developmental psychology, systemic thinking, organizational culture, teams’ self-organization, leadership, strategy, etc. One topic that interests me in particular is the development of human beings no matter their role in the organization. Whether they are in a role of leadership, which requires self-knowledge, leadership, and influence, or in any other role, which requires the same knowledge anyway!

I hope that this blog will bring people to engage in exchanges that will allow us to evolve. Therefore, I invite all readers to post comments on my blog or to write a post on their own blog referring to one of my posts. I will not moderate comments. I count on all of us for a collective support to maintain a welcoming and non-judgmental exchange.

Hope to read you soon!

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françois beauregard

François cofounded Pyxis and triaxiom9. He is passionate about software development and human organizations and wishes to be part of projects yielding outstanding results and maximizing quality of life and personal satisfaction for all stakeholders.

François acts as a coach, trainer, facilitator and senior consultant for organizations wishing to adopt innovative governance practices. In 2002, he founded the Agile Montréal with a few colleagues. Since then, he continues to promote and practice Agile approaches.

Entrepreneur at heart and wanting to push his explorations further, François practices and participates since 2014 in the development and application of an organizational approach for Open Participatory Organizations (OPO) and more recently its specific application to agile contexts (Participatory Agility).

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